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Invitation for Bids by the Procurement Committee for leasing Cafetarias in the Railway Stations in Sri Lanka Railways.

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Sri Lanka Railways

Procurement Notice

Invitation for Bids by the Procurement Committee for leasing Cafetarias in the Railway Stations in

Sri Lanka Railways.

The Chairman of the Procurement Committee on behalf of the Department of Railways invites sealed Bids from eligible & qualified Bidders in order to carry the following Cafetarias for a period of two Years.

01.Trincomalee 02.Badulla

The details on the above Cafetarias have been indicated in schedule 01 under the Procurement documents         .

0  01. Eligibility

It should have been obtained 01 year of experience in the relevant field & it should be produced bank statement of 03 consecutive months to confirm the financial stability

02. Obtaining Bid Applications

Procurement documents can be obtained on 20 of February 2023 upto 02.00 p.m from the Sales & Marketing Office, Sri Lanka Railways or the Railway Station in where the Cafetaria is situated. The receipt, received from the Chief Financial Officer, Sri Lanka Railways, Colombo 10 or the Station Master in the relevant Railway Staion in where the Cafetarias is situated by payment of a non – refundable fee of Rs.2,500/= as the Bid form fee should be produced to the Deputy Commercial Superintendent, Sales & Marketing office in the Railway Headquarters or to the Railway Stations concerned.

It should be submitted bids separately for each Cafetaria in the schedule 01 & paid the refundable bond, indicated in that document in addition to the Bid form fee

03. Submission of Bid Applications

The duly Perfected Bidding Documents, obtained for each Cafetaria, indicated as per the above paragraph 02 should be submitted marked as “original” & “duplicate” relevantly in two sealed envelopes & enclosed both in one sealed envelope, marked the Bid number, the title of the Cafetaria on the top left corner of the envelop with mentioning as “ Tender form for Railway Stations Cafetaria”, should be sent either by registered post to the address of the Chairman, Departmental Procurement Committee, Sales & Marketing office, Railway Headquarters, Olcot Mawatha, Colombo 10 or deposited in the tender box, kept at the official room of the Deputy Commercial Superintendent, Sales &Marketing,Railway Headquarters on or before 2.00 p.m on 21of February 2023,Late Bids will be rejected.

04. Receipt of Bids & Opening

Bids will be opened at 2.00 pm on 21 of February 2023 as per the above paragraph 03 at the Sales & Marketing office & the Bidder or his authorized representative will be allowed to attend this occasion.

05. All the employees in Sri Lanka Railways & the immediate members of their families are not entitled to produce applications.

06. Bidders will be given an opportunity to inspect all the Cafetarias, mentioned above prior to submission of Bids &it should be gained the permission from the Sales & Marketing office at Railway Headquarters for that purpose.

07. The decision of the Departmental Procurement Committee will be the final decision.

08. Further clarification shall be sought from Sales & Marketing office, Sri Lanka Railways on Telephone No. 011-2421281 (Extension -8235) Fax No – 011-2431909.


Departmental Procurement Committee,

Railway Headquarters,

Olcot Mawatha,

Colombo 10


අවසන් යාවත්කාලීන කිරීම 2023 ජනවාරි 26 වෙනි බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා, 08:27
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