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Train services from Colombo to Jaffna will resume after modernization of the railway track of Northern Line

The train operations to Jaffna from Colombo will resume from the 15th July, 2023 (Saturday) after modernization of the railway track between Anuradhapura and Omanthai under Maho-Omanthai Railway Development project.

The train journeys from Colombo to Jaffna, which were stopped from 5th January, 2023 due to enhance the track condition of Northern Line from Maho to Omanthai in order to facilitate the safe, efficient and comfortable transportation for the passengers and freight transportation.

The trains will be as follows;

Trains operate from Colombo è Jaffna

1.   Yarl Devi Express (4077)

at 05.10 AM

Mount Lavinia – Kankesanthurai


2. Uththara Devi Intercity (4017)

at 11.50 AM

Colombo Fort – Kankesanthurai


3. Night Mail (4089)

at 08.00 PM

Colombo Fort - Kankesanthurai


Trains operate from Jaffna è Colombo

1. Yarl Devi Express (4078)

at 13.40 AM

Kankesanthurai - Mount Lavinia

2. Uththara Devi Intercity (4018)

at 05.40 AM

Kankesanthurai - Colombo Fort

3. Night Mail (4090)

at 19.00 PM

Kankesanthurai - Colombo Fort

To view the train stopping stations and the schedule of the above trains, please click on the relevant trains.


Note: Air Conditioned Intercity Train previously operated daily between Mount Lavinia railway station at 05:10 am to Kankesanthurai railway station and return journey start from Kankesanthurai railway station at 13:15 pm to Mount Lavinia railway station is cancelled from 15th July, 2023 until further notice.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 July 2023 04:35
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